Watch the entries of the fourth round

All entries for the fourth round of New Arrivals are available here. Do you also want to send in your short film? Until September 15th 2008, the films for the fifth round can be submitted. After that moment posts will compete in the next round.

Regie: Ellen Blom (Netherlands)

An experimental film, in black and white. Deafblind people with mental disabilities are the 'main characters' in Nightwalking. Their movements are getting another perspective because of the music, the light, the framing and the different camera standpoints.

Regie: Fabio Massa (Italy)

Naples. Riccardo relives in the eyes of a girl the sadness that has been tormenting his life for a long time.

Regie: Jean-Julien Pous (China)

A man lost his love. He decides to go out and find her in the night of Hong Kong, only to realise that it's not with her he's in love, but with the city itself.

Regie: Lin de Mol

Deatails of a room counteract with slow camera movements across trees, duckweed and brushwood, describing the mood of a momement like a string of haiku 's.

Regie: Christian Lelrat (France)

V1 (Vortex) was shot unexpetdly during a violent storm in Venice on the canals. The city was like a real sound and visual box.

Regie: Cédrick Eymenier

Platform is a serie of twelve films shot in specific neighborhoods of certain cities, chosen for their modernity and architectural complexity.

Regie: Sytse Jansma (Netherlands)


Regie: Mark Ther

A Nazi soldier goes for a stroll with a young boy around the castle grounds. The two are in love with each other. Or maybe it is just lust on the Nazi's part . They frolic in the field. The story of the Nazi is told in flashbacks. The war is going on, Czechoslovakia is occupied, the Nazi has come to occupy the castle . The Nazi asks if he can see thr Prorietor's bedroom. The Propetier tells him he has many bedrooms in this castle.

REgie: Chihwen Lo

Shuei-in a manic state witness his body in a coffin- Samsara- the life cycle of death and rebirth. Inspired by his struggle with Biopolar Disorder and KAy Redfield Jamison's book "an Unquiet Mind ", the film is Sheui's mercurial jounrey of mood swings and deep restlessness.

Regie: Jan de Bruin (Netherlands)

The title of this piece is just a location, a date and a time. Just like any other true documentary work could have. This work is also a homage to the observer being portrayed. Observation functions as a base for understanding. But 'to observe' in it's act is not 'to understand'.

Regie: Tom Woodgate

Wang is the flamboyant and crazed mind behind 'Radio Wang'. Broadcasting a live show twenty four hours a day, seven day's a week, from a small campervan hidden from the world, Wang remains oblivious to the impact his show and stories are having on the fragile and reclusive Oscar.

Regie: Jason Young (UK)

Eve Colman is a middle class white English woman who arrives in Tooting Broadway on a relentless search for a cheap accomodation. She views a property that is managed by a lead tenant named Adam Smith. Eve decides in her heart that this will be her home if she is offered the room.

Regie: Herwig Ilegems (Belgium)

Sleazy Dik slices of life are six episodes , or better cut-out sequences of the life of Sleazy Dick, a rather sic character who seems to live in his own, degenerated reality.

Regie: Judith van der Made

Experimental movie

Regie: Ada Bligaard Soby (Zweden)

After being hit by a car, a thirty-something American awaits an eye operation in a Berlin hospital. He calls the only other person he knows in Berlin, a feale icelandic ex-patriate whom he involuntarily stood up because of the accident. To his surprise, she too is confined to her apartment following knee surgery. In their isolation they begin to rely oneachother. 

REgie: Maarten Visser (Netherlands)


Thursday July 3rd the nominated short films will be announced!

NPS in cooperation with the International Film Festival Rotterdam invites filmmakers to send their short films and all entrances will be shown online. The editors will select six films every month from which a jury of three qualified people will choose the winner of that month. After one year, the eight winners will be shown at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam in 2009. The winner shall receive the New Arrivals Award during the festival