Watch the New Arrivals entries of the sixth round

Adam Weisser

This short film follows the most crucial night of the transitionee's life, in which he undergoes the necessary transition that makes him compliant with adult life, something is otherwise unattainable.

Rita Bakacs

‘I can blow clouds away, so you can see the sky’

Patrick Hernandez

About policemen who are getting involved to junkies and drugscrime.

Jung Yol Choi

A short story about love. A son tries to communicate with his mother, while she is preaching.

Sebastian Bieniek

Sven bezoekt voor het eerst zijn ouders met zijn vriend Dominik. Na dit bezoek is het voormalig koppel uit elkaar.

Youn Kim

Houn wants to be an entertainer but can’t afford to register in an academy of acting. His father, a camera repairman, is not able to supply the money and after his most precious camera was stolen, he keeps working in silence.

Oriol Estrada Martos

A discovery of early maturity behind the pranks of an eight-year-old boy, the dreams and hopes of a child that waits for the return of his emigrated father.

Dave McGrath

A story about violence and discrimination. The story of a black father trying to raise his son to be a good person in a discriminating time merges into the story of a young white couple torn apart by violence.

Kim Engelen

Three women of different generations show us a moment of their emotional world, while they all longing for security and love.

Anna Pors

A girl who is upset comes across some random things you can smile at.

Rob Homsi

The documentation of the building and use of a sweat lodge, an outdoor sauna.

Jasper Elings

A homemade popsick.

B. Prasanna

A short film that depicts a crucial episode from a blind woman's life.

B. Prasanna

A short film about a conversation between a poet and his rather innocent friend.

Inga Lingnau

A short documentary about Dutch men from the perspective of German women.

Chris Daykin

For every action there is a reaction. Equinox is a comedy which explores imagery and narrative.


Documentary about the “Stereo”-project.

Ralf Kuster

A film about democracy, chaos and violence.

Pieternel Jozephine Geurtz

Impression of the summerwind on the isle of Texel.

Gabriel Watson / Frank Aschberg

A close up study of human behavior.

Diana Carolina Montenegro Garcia

All the entries for the sixth round of the New Arrivals Competition are available here. Do you also want to send in your short film? Until October 15th 2008, films for the fifth round can be submitted.

In cooperation with the International Film Festival Rotterdam the NPS invites filmmakers to send in their short films. All entrances will be shown online. Every month the New Arrivals editors will select six films from which a jury of three qualified people will choose a winner. In the end eight winners will be shown at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam in 2009. The winner of this last screening shall receive a New Arrivals Award of 1000  euros during the festival .