Watch the New Arrivals entries of the fifth round

All the entries for the fifth round of the New Arrivals Competition are available here. Do you also want to send in your short film? Until September 15th 2008, films for the fifth round can be submitted.

Director: Anthony Hoovers

Musical short about a dancer and a musician. They meet coincidentally and at the same time their meeting is no coincidence at all.

Director: Dominique Furge (France)

'Monsters' is a series of short films in which Dominique Furge pursues his exploration of the narrative capacity of abstract images in cinema: in particular violent scenes from cinema classics.

Director: Jasper Teerling

Short documentary in which a guy is counting his foot steps.

Director: Juriaan Moolhuysen

' Pure Nature'  is an interactive exhibition on a journey through the continent of South America. Visitor's can explore South America's nature from the Atlantic Coast to the heart of the Amazon.

Director: Arno Cupédo

Documentary about the works of the artist F.M. Hutchison. The paintings from the period 2004 - 2007 are designed with the help of a 3D computer program.


Director: Ramon Smeets

'What's mine is mine, what's yours....will be mine soon' is the logline of this experimental short which is full of contradictions.

Directors: Aviva Brouwer en Sanne Sprenger

In ‘Het Kleine Wijk’, a small part of Utrecht, everybody knows each other. However, this lively neighbourhood is facing demolition.

Director: Fabien Dettori

A fantastic journey of a 7-month old little girl and a green bear driving an old car through the French country side on their way to the sea.

Director: Andrew Shermin

The short dance film 'Pirouette'  was nominated for the Tiger Awards Short Film Competition 2008 of the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Director: Erin Dunn

Short film based on a series of highly-detailed, multimedia drawings by Erin Dunn. Sea gulls fly through a garden of double helixes and a giant praying mantis leaps into swan filled bubbles.

Director: Claudio Centimeri

Adaptation of the classic fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel. However, the story is retold through the eyes of a child who is forced to sit in front of a media bombing television set. Thus creating a distorted and disturbing version of this tale.

Director: Eric Griffon du Bellay

Baby Blanch is sitting right up for the first time at New Year's Eve.

Director: Muriel Montini

Short film about playing children.

Director: Daniel Stuyck

At an aiport shuttle a businessman asks another passenger to stop talking so loudly on his mobile phone.

Director: Michiko Takahashi (USA)

Short film in which the director is refering to the violent images of found footage and commenting on the history of western avant-garde film.

Directors: Globalgroove (Michele Andreoni, Fabio Toffolo)

Originally this film was conceived as a sound script, where recordings of on line video chats were overlapping with fragments of distorted musical tracks. A visual pattern was built step by step using hypnotic and psychedelic night shots .

Director: Olivier Serrano

Nils invites Pablo to introduce him to his girlfriend, but she is late. Tension between the two friends increases.

Director: Xavier Baeyens

If you are in danger. Call a friend....or rather not?!?

Director: Diana Carolina Montenegro Garcia

Sofia, driven by a strong attraction, begins to photograph Vero, the cutest girl in class. One day the bump into each other and Sofia's pictures are uncovered.

Director: Hark' oh Wubs

In three different situations in Friesland people try to resist globalization .

Director: Fabien Hemard

Mathieu's life has reached a disturbing crossroad. He is thirtysomething and dividing his time bewteen odd jobs and uncertain relationships.

Director: Nini Ten

A young man is going on a trip during his school holidays. He drives with no destination in mind.

Director: Vlado Priborsky

During a stroll Sophie loses ground and falls down a cliff. She discovers her phone next to her. It is just a few steps away from her, but exactely these steps become a life threatening trap.

Directors: Marcia Gomes de Oliveira Suchanek en Norbert G. Suchanek

Documentary about the small village Sapukai, south of Rio de Janeiro, where the government has built two atomic power stations and is busy building a third one.

Director: Ans Kanen

Documentary about the small village Sapukai, south of Rio de Janeiro, where the government has built two atomic power stations and is busy building a third one.

Director: Koert Davidse

Short and poetic film about the fascinating life of the artist Erik Fens. By cutting and pasting he composes his own ‘ Encyclopaedia of the World’.

Director:: Erik Clignett

Experimental commercial.

Regie: Radu Potcoava

In a few hours, Danny will leave Romania to work on a luxurious cruising boat . However, her husband is about to run away with his younger mistress. Danny locks him up and is not letting him go…

In cooperation with the International Film Festival Rotterdam the NPS invites filmmakers to send in their short films. All entrances will be shown online. Every month the New Arrivals editors will select six films from which a jury of three qualified people will choose a winner. In the end eight winners will be shown at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam in 2009. The winner of this last screening shall receive a New Arrivals Award of 1000  euros during the festival.