Announcement of the nominees of the fifth round 2008

The nominations of the fifth round of NPS New Arrivals are announced. Out of all the entries, the editors, along with the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), have nominated five films. The following films have been nominated:

Robbert-Jan Vos

A man is stuck in his own life. Does he notice it?

Muriel Montini

Short experimental film about child's games.

Andrew Shemin

The short dance film 'Pirouette' was nominated for the Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films at the IInternational Film Festival Rotterdam 2008.

Vents Grinbaums

Short film about emancipation.

Daniela Reuss

A girl’s room is the new home of a giant monster. She runs away but later on she makes friends with the huge animal.
- Attached to Omar's life for 7 minutes - Les jeux d'enfants - Pirouette - Tuk - Zimmer

On October 25th 2008 the winner will be announced by the jury.