All entries for the first round of New Arrivals are available here. Do you also want to send in your short film? Until March 15th, the films for the first round can be submitted. After that moment posts will compete in the next round.

Director: Tony van der Veer

We see how five identical boys behave at a party and the way they went there . For most of the boys it’s an ordinary journey, but for one of the boys this journey will change his evening and maybe his life.

Director: Michiel ten Horn

A little boy and his retarded brother suffer from the surly mood of their old , angry mother. She beats, scolds and her good cooking also disappeared. All this because of the absence of her only successful son. Since he joined the army , she is angrier than ever. Every supper consists of the same dull, dry spaghetti. An ingenious plan of the youngest son must change all this.

Director: Vladimir Murtin

An old lady is alone in her house and she doesn’t want to open the door for anybody. It is a birthday and she is preparing the feast.

Director: Faysal Soysal

A person who wants to stop time in order to get rid of memories and return to the first pure moment travels from dream to dream in search of her childhood and youth. However, is it possible to return to the present time from her lost time dreams?

Director: Jean-Julien Collette & Olivier Tollet

A parked car in a residential neighbourhood. A father and his son slowly set up a discussion. Love, sex, mother and death. An atypical connivance, a fusional relationship. Time goes by, tone rises and some questions stay in abeyance: what are they waiting? And above all... What are they about to accomplish?

Director: Ania Hodalska

Three angels of the Highest Eternal order are punished for indecent behaviour in Eternity and are caught in the hereafter. They get a task to provoke a moment of happiness of people who just died.

Director: Jochem de Vries

‘Farewell’ deals with saying goodbye to a former love. An old car symbolizes the love once existing, but it’s time to bid farewell. Before this happens, all the exciting moments of those days will be relived intensely.

Director: Katell Quilévéré

Two 15-year-old teenagers meet in their village during the holidays. The boy takes the girl on a walk in the woods. She soon takes the lead.

Director: Tamer Avkapan

René has a perfect life with his lovely wife and lovely child. A passing remark of the baby-sitter turns his perfect life up and down. Shocked by the horrible reality, René tries to escape from it but the Musicians who represent his unconsciousness get more and more alive. Finally they confrontate and ‘ inspire’ him to arrange a romantic surprise for his angelically wife.

Director: Egle Budvytyte

Secta is docu-fiction revealing a secret utopian society-cult, which identity manifests through particular and often quite opaque behaviour in public spaces . The film exposes ‘Secta’ as open-source, fluid network, which co-exists in between and together with the lines of official social realities.

Director: Larilyn Sanchez

Impressions are formed and shaped by what we hear or see, even when we’re dancing in the dark.

Director: Diederik van Rooijen

It’s wartime. It’s cold and there’s almost nothing to eat anymore. Karen has got a chicken as her only friend. The chicken is called Saar, a gift from her father, who’s at the front to fight. Karen’s mother watches Saar. Mother is hungry…

Director: Daniël Oliveira Prins

This short animation is based on the legend of Galo de Barcelos, a colourful cock. The legend takes place in Barcelos, a small city lain in the province Minho. A pilgrim is on his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. On the way he’s wrongfully accused of stealing. He survives its trail in a miraculous manner…

Director: Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins en Marieke Blaauw (Job, Joris en Marieke)

Blanca likes art, which is difficult, because Blanca doesn’t understand anything about art.

Director: Erik Rosenlund

A rainy night, a little girl is home alone, with only a children's program on television to keep her company. The television set suddenly turns off and she can see her own reflection in the screen. When she leans down to pick up the remote, her reflection moves with some delay. We sense that it has a conscience of its own. At the same time someone outside seems to be watching her through the window.

Director: Iris Piers

Casimiration is a small piece of everyday surrealism. The short film contains fragments picked from the head of Iris Piers during her stay in New York City.

Director: Vivian Ostrovsky

‘Fone fur follies’ is a bit feline rhetorical fantasy. Starring among others , two cats, a couple of dogs, a weasel, a baby bear, a macaw and more. With a remix of Gloria Swanson, Angela Davis and Marina Abramovic on the soundtrack.

Director: Ken Jacobs

We keep a dish on our roof, not for luck; to pull in TV signals. Whenever a thunderstorm hits, reception whacks up. Lightning can really make a broadcast sizzle. The following is exactly as recorded one stormy New York day in February 2008.

Director: Welmoed Nijhout

During a trip with school in Berlin Annemarie from Amsterdam falls in love with Karim from Tunisia. In the winter of 2007 they get married in Metlaoui, the birth-village of Karim, near the Tunisian Sahara. Annemarie learns that you can only know a culture when you become part of it.

Director: Jochem Oerlemans

A boy gets tangled up in his dreams. Reality and imagination get mixed up, only for the boy, because everything is not made up and really exists.

Director: Pedram Rahmany

In this multicultural cooking-programme a foreign amateur-chef teaches a Dutch chef to prepare a traditional dish. On his behalf, the chef teaches the amateur-chef the ins and outs of the job.
This pilot takes place in juvenile Eikenstein in Zeist, where a victim of a ‘loverboy’ cooks with a chef and the presenter. The cooking is just a tool for the girl to give her a feeling of victory if something fails.

Tuesday March 25th the nominated short films and the judges will be announced . Besides of the judges, the public can vote too.